Friday, July 3, 2009

Zen and the Art of the Mini-E

So I was driving 237 home from yoga class this morning, and I realized that life with a mini-e is very much of the "be here now" philosophy.  Yesterday while driving on the highway at rush hour there was (yet another) sudden torrential downpour, and had I been driving my old gas guzzler, I would have been thinking about what to make for dinner and trying to remember to watch the latest episode of Weeds on my dvr.  Instead, I was very present and in the moment as I maneuvered around deep puddles and my Vatta energy spiked as I chanted a new mantra, "car is dry, car is dry."  I have not had any issues during this New York monsoon season.  And on another note, I put my order in for my new personalized license plate, "PLUGMEIN."

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