Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why Won't Anyone Notice My Electric Car???

I think the mini electric car is fascinating and adorable.  If I saw it on the road, I would certainly notice the plug graphics and want to pull alongside it at a red light and ask about it.  I truly would.  Why won't anyone notice it??  I even passed two other minis today (the gas kind) and they didn't seem to notice.  I get more questions when I walk my labradoodle.  Even when parked in the Whole Foods parking lot, a place where I imagine there are other people who are interested in organic food, alternative power sources and buying green, there were no questions and no looks.  Today I could at least forgive people for not noticing my car, since there was something else quite unusual and beautiful to see in NY:  the sun.  Ah, well.  And here is a picture of the trunk, just so you can see that, unless you are John and Kate plus 8, there is plenty of room for a couple of bags of groceries.


  1. It's funny how we expect and want the car to be noticed. I also shop at a Whole Foods near me here in Maplewood NJ and no one has noticed a thing about my #486. A few people have looked at it for more than a moment, but no comments or questions.

    Maybe our motivations are askew?

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  3. The factory plugin graphic is a little abstract and most people dont realize what it represents, plus its on the roof and hard to see. Might help if you applied a customized magnetic sign on the side with a clear message about the Mini E being 100% electric. If i had one of the cars I'd do all I could to advertise its sll electric capabilities.

  4. Nice!! but you should have taken it's picture in more batter way so that i could comment on it.
    Electric cars