Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Someone noticed my electric car!

I was stopped at a light and the car behind me beeped and pulled up next to me.  Guy in a white Volvo wagon.  He yelled over, "I like your car!"  I was thrilled that #237 finally got some attention.  I smiled and yelled back, "it's electric!"  (He was undoubtedly thinking, "no duh, it's all over your license plate, I wouldn't say this to just any Mini" but he had enough manners not to say it) He did say, "Yeah, I like it!"  Then the light changed and as we drove off, I searched for something appropriate to yell out the window to him, such as "have a low-to-no emissions day!" or "think outside the barrel!" or even just "party on, dude!"  But alas, words escaped me.  I guess that's why Mini gave us these handy little cards with vital stats on them.  You can hand them out at cocktail parties, I guess.  Or you can hand one out the window when someone (with clearly excellent taste) finally notices that you are driving an electric car, and this leaves you... speechless.

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