Monday, September 7, 2009

almost as cute as the mini!!!

okay, this car is not a mini, and it's not even electric, but how adorable is it???? ps: I have seen this car in person and believe me, it is damn cute:


  1. That is a Fiat 500 (pronounced chin-kwey-chento in Italian) - so named for the powerful 500cc engine (not!) under the hood. My dad had one in Italy, and drove our little family of 4 around in it quite handily. He tells a story of breaking down on the trip between Rome and Verona one day, and using my mom's pantyhose to make a tow-chain!

    Like Mini and VW with the Beetle, Fiat is selling a retro-new model - and since they know own a big chunk of Chrysler, we may see this model here again!

    If that happens, I'd be really torn between my Mini and my dad's old 500 . . . .

  2. I can tell you this - if Fiat made a retro model that was electric, I'd have to go for it!!